About Us

Established in 2004, 1 MP Network is the first in Malaysia to offer full-service offset printing via Internet. We offer economical yet reliable offset printing services that meet the demands of small to medium size design houses and print brokers catering to the government and private sectors. As our services are mainly for business to business (b2b), we have gained a reputation as a “printer’s printer” as well, providing outsource support for printers of various scales. In addition, our professional commitment and non-disclosure of customer information makes us a trustworthy ally to work with.

Stop Services

Based in Parit Raja, Johor, we receive orders from all over Malaysia through our online storefront. By collaborating with professionals with years of experience in the design and printing industry, and employing the latest Internet technology, we have developed a comprehensive printing platform that enables us to offer the similar services of a conventional offset printer, but with a more streamline process that saves customers cost and effort. By providing a total solution which includes free delivery, customers can now send their artwork for printing anywhere in Malaysia with just a few clicks of a mouse button, and receive their completed orders at their doorstep on time.

Smart Tools

One of the many conveniences that 1 MP Network offers its customers is the array of handy tools available on its storefront. From sales kits to templates and software, every tool that we conceive is created to help customers maximize their time and effort. Moreover, each customer has his own account panel which gives the user access to vital information such as job progress, transaction history and delivery schedule amongst other things. In addition, the 1 MP Network storefront is bi-lingual to accommodate users who prefer to browse and transact in English or Malay.

Product Variety

Through careful market research, surveys and customer feedback, 1 MP Network is consistently adding new products to its online storefront. Presently, we provide printing for business cards, brochures/flyers, bookmarks, postcards, booklets, announcement cards, folders, paper bags, letterheads, envelopes, business documents, and notepads. Each product comes with various sizes, materials, finishing and print quantity options. We also have a quotation service that allows customers to request a quote for custom orders of specific products.



As in any serious business, 1 MP Network’s services are continuously evolving inline with the needs of its target audience. We invest considerably to improve the functions of our storefront as well as develop innovative solutions for our customer’s convenience and more importantly, peace of mind. We strongly believe an achievement such as mentioned is a good indicator for the general public to judge a company’s professionalism, mettle and ability. As such, 1 MP Network actively participates in certification and award programs that are relevant to improving its business and services. Our goal is to make our offset printing services as “mobile” and secure as possible for our customers. Imagine if you will a virtual print shop in your laptop, and the entire world your market one day.