Lay Flat Hard Cover

Available Size:
6" x 8" (Landscape Orientation)
11” x 8.5“ & 8” x 6” (Potrait Orientation)
8" x 8" (Square Orientation)
Cover Material
Image Wrap Hard Cover
With protective (Gloss / Matte Lamination)
Cover is hard (4c printed : front & back)
Content (Paper Material)
Choices :
    a) Art Paper 150gsm with gloss lamination
Beautiful glossy sheen & protective coating, ensuring long lasting colour. Smooth to the touch and reflects a moderate amount of light
b) Art Paper 150gsm with matte lamination
Elegant artistic feel and a protective coating, ensuring long lasting colour. Almost powder-ish to the touch and does not reflect much light
    Upgrade :
    Linen 240 gsm
Textured with a weave of linen, giving you a rich memorable experience.
    Binding :
    Side Sewn (with page creasing )
    Additional :
  Hardcover Slip Case
As protection for your precious book.
Printed with the design and photo at your own choice.