BIZ-Documents Starter Kit
Every enterprise uses business forms for their daily transactions. This kit which includes material samples, tools and an easy reference pocket spot colour guide, helps you to tap into the market of printing business forms such as receipts, invoices and such.

Price : RM 76.00
BIZ-Documents Starter Kit

Product Samples
1 book of BIZ-Documents sample completed with specs :
- NCR paper
- 2 spot colour printed
- Numbering
- Copy change
- 3 different artworks design
Spot Colour Guide
- 34 colours available
- Printed on Simili Paper & Art Paper 100gsm
- Bind with matte laminated hard cover
BIZ-Documents sample completed with specs Spot Colour Guide
Quick Ruler
- Quick measuring tools to measure the samples of
   BIZ-Documents given by your customer.
Quick Ruler  
- Spot Colour Guide x 1 book
- Quick-Ruler x 2 pcs
- Product Samples x 2 book