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                 Artwork Specs

We want to help you get the best results for your print job. Please be sure to read and refer to this artwork spec when preparing your artwork.
Failure to comply with our guidelines may delay your job and increase your cost.

When we receive your file...
We will do this:
- Check for issues listed in Common Pending Job Problems
- Notify you of problems in your artwork
- Go straight to print if you prepare your artwork correctly

  We won't do this:
  - Check for issues other then those listed in Common Pending     Problems
  - Correct any technical errors
  - Reprint the file if it fails to print as expected as a result of you not     following the guidelines in our handbook or website.

    Download Artwork Spec Files

No. Title Download
1 Announcement Card (Digital Offset)
2 Announcement Card (Litho Offset)
3 Biz Document (Litho Offset)
4 Booklet (Digital Offset)
5 Booklet (Litho Offset)
6 Bookmark (Digital Offset)
7 Bookmark (Litho Offset)
8 Business Card (Digital Offset)
9 Business Card (Litho Offset)
10 Envelope
11 Folder
11 Letterhead (Digital Offset)
12 Letterhead (Litho Offset)
13 Money Packet (Litho Offset)
14 Note Pad (Litho Offset)
15 Paper Bag (Litho Offset)
16 Post Card (Digital Offset)
17 Post Card (Litho Offset)
18 Poster (Digital Offset)
19 Poster (Litho Offset)
20 Pre Inked Stamp
21 Tent Card (Litho Offset)
22 Ticket Voucher (Litho Offset)


File Sending Flow Chart

  You submit your
artwork file
1 MP check your artwork file
Job will be put on pending list. You will have to correct the errors and resubmit your artwork file to us. Refer to : Common Pending Problems  
Go to print if no problems are found.
Your customer receive their goods on time   You receive your goods on time.